Jeopardy! recap for Mon., Nov. 19

Jeopardy! recap for Mon., Nov. 19 – The two-day final of the Teen Tournament began with these players:

– Maya, a senior from Georgia, won two writing awards without knowing she was in the running;
– Claire, a senior from Florida, is captain of the golf team; and
– Emma, a junior from Maryland, is a five-time mythology contest winner.

Nearly all of the clues were responded to correctly in this tight three-way battle. Thanks in part to correct responses to both DDs in DJ, Claire showed the way into FJ with $18,600 vs. $15,600 for Emma and $12,800 for Maya.

DD1 – ELEMENTAL – The first letter of the medication Klor-con tells you that it’s helping people with low levels of this element (Maya won $600)

DD2 – ART SUBJECTS – 1-word term for the Virgin Mary; there are paintings of her “and Child with Saints” & “…with Angels” (Claire won $2,000)

DD3 (video) – FLAGS – The flag shows the sun setting over wavy blue and white stripes that represent the Pacific Ocean, a reminder that this is Canada’s westernmost province (Claire won $3,000)

FJ – AMERICAN WRITERS – In a twist of irony, he accidentally set fire to some 300 acres of woods at Fair Haven Pond near the Concord River in 1844

Claire and Emma were correct on FJ and both made modest wagers, with Claire improving by $3,200 to $21,800, while Emma added $3,400 to finish with $19,000. Maya dropped $5,000 and will take $7,800 into tomorrow’s deciding game.

That’s before our time: The players didn’t give the response the clue wanted about the Y2K scare, based on the fear that computers would read the year 2000 as 1900. However, after initially being ruled incorrect, the judges accepted Maya’s response of “00”.

Wagering strategy corner: Since no one in this tournament is walking away with less than $25,000 but can earn more if they can exceed that amount, the structure strongly encourages players to bet big at every opportunity (especially given the overall ease of the clues).

Correct Qs:
DD1 – What is potassium?
DD2 – What is Madonna?
DD3 – What is British Columbia?
FJ – Who was Thoreau?