Sunday Pre-Thanksgiving Food Thread, 11/18

So this week is the US Thanksgiving holiday. It’s really the only holiday I care to celebrate anymore, and not because it commemorates a bunch of refugees/immigrants/invaders being accepted and taken care of by the indigenous people but because it’s become a family tradition for us. My wife and her sister have gotten a lot closer since there mother died 6 years ago and our two families now get together for almost a week over the holiday. My sister in-law and her husband keep kosher-ish so we try to honor that, at least with the holiday meal. I’ll cook a turkey on the grill outside and the inside kitchen is the non-meat/dairy. It becomes a challenge for the sides and since we won’t be using butter or cream we don’t even attempt to make mashed potatoes. We do still put out a green bean dish and get creative with sweet potatoes too. Fortunately the in-laws consider dessert another meal so there’s plenty of good stuff happening there!
What do you do? Also non US residents please carry on as usual and tell us what’s edible in your world this week! If your country has a similar heritage/origin story celebration (I’m looking at you, Canada) what are your traditions for that?