Lucifer (this time for real!) Night Thread (11/17)

B4B4E7BB-1296-4A0D-8939-228713556A33Today was the birthday of actor Tom Ellis who stars as Lucifer in the tv series Lucifer, cancelled but then saved!

7693049D-9C34-4616-9B07-03B928D92E13I am a huge fan of Tom and first saw him in the comedy Miranda (starring Miranda Hart), which I also really liked.


Tom Ellis is Welsh actor who was probably first known for starring in the UK series EastEnders. He was in one episode of Doctor Who (S3E13). Tom was in numerous other tv series including: Suburban Shootout, Monday Monday, Merlin, The Fades, and Silent Witness.

I enjoyed him in the series Rush, which only lasted one season. Tom currently stars in Lucifer, which will air it’s fourth season next year.


Have a fabulous night!