AVO Chintzees

Job Rants Thread – 11/16/2018 – On the MTA



If you commute in the mornings

you’d best be prepared to wait

even when nothing is broken

your train is 12 min. late

But that’s to be expected

don’t cry over your hardship

It’s not just you that’s affected

just hope you finish the trip


Riding the T

Riding the T

My friend please don’t swear

promise you’ll get there


Just try to sit back and relax

Oh wait there’s a jumper on the tracks

Now the front car’s lost power

You’ll spend two more hours

 Riding the T


The riders on the bus, now

All have a kind word to spare

The guy next to you seems chatty

Though speaking to empty air

The drivers always seem angry

But then wouldn’t you be too

Stuck with a box around you

Let’s hope that it’s bulletproof


Riding the T

Riding the T

In a constant abeyance

Getting hourly maintenance


Though the breakdowns never cease

Let’s do another fare increase

Hope you still have tokens

‘Cause the card reader’s broken

Riding the T


Riding the T

(Riding the T)

Riding the T

(The goddamn T)

This is now the new norm

Getting stuck on the platform



Though the service may be lax

You can still expect to pay the tax

Another line’s dying

The conductor is crying

Riding the T


The 10 is delayed

B Line calls for aid

The Red Line is out

For the fourth time today.

North Station’s a mess

A T cop’s in distress

‘Cause someone puked on the third rail


The Blue’s runnin’ late

Route 8 ain’t so great

The Preacher at Park

Continues to grate

The busking’s too loud

The rush hour crowd

Won’t be rushin’ anywhere


Riding the T

Riding the T

The hydraulics are knocking

Get there faster by walking

Take it from me

The last time that new parts were sent

Was when Clinton was president

If you’ve got to hurry

you better be worried

Riding the T

All the stations are crumbling

Everybody is grumbling

Riding the T

The whole thing is failing

The ridership’s bailing

It’s a daily scramble

Infrastructure’s in shambles

But still a safer option

Than driving in Boston

Riding the T!


Hey, all; Happy Friday. The topic’s your daily commute, and there’s my rant on the subject; so, I turn things over to you. As always the floor is open for anything else, as well, so go nuts. Have a safe and productive rest of the day, an (especially) safe trip home, and a great weekend. And remember: It’s 5 o’clock somewhere; provided you can actually get home.