The Fashion Club: November Style & Remembering ‘The Nanny’ (9/15)

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Avocado Fashion Club, the place to chat with your fellow commenters about style and trends, browse a curated selection of articles about what’s new in the world of fashion.

We’re in the middle of November and that means preparing one’s wardrobe for the chillier months ahead. As such, this week’s thread features articles on clothing and other accessories suitable for winter weather. There’s also a Designer Spotlight section highlighting notable designers from around the world.

Finally, we pay homage to the ’90s sitcom The Nanny, which debuted just over 25 years ago and is perhaps best known for star Fran Drescher’s eye-popping wardrobe courtesy of costume designer Barbara Cooper; there’s even an Instagram account dedicated to

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It’s all change, weather-wise. With plummeting temperatures, snow in some parts and a fierce wind, stay warm this month with five cosy but chic outfits.

When did the beanie transition from functional cold-weather accessory to all-weather fit-topper? Who was behind the shift? And what might it say about the state of men’s style?

Classic or statement, short or big, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to keeping warm as the nights draw in. Here are our favourite looks of this season.


Highlighting some of fashion’s most notable creators and curators. 

Nallah Sangare is from Mali but based in Nairobi. She uses fashion and makeup to tell the story of Africa. The makeup artist and stylist describes her fashion sense as “retro African chic”.

B]oth the colour and brand point towards a certain type of hipsterism which has now gone mass. Acne Studios initially made its name with slim jeans. So did hipsters. Although as one Swedish friend frames it: “Acne is both our Burberry and our Topshop.”


Now in its eighth year, Lagos fashion week is a major source of emerging and existing talent. Its founder, Omoyemi Akerele – the artistic director of Style House Files, a creative development agency for African designers – shares her favourite moments from the shows.


The shows I’m watching — and what’s worn on them.


There are some television shows ― “Sex and the City” and “The Golden Girls” come to mind ― in which the wardrobe becomes a character of its own. “The Nanny” undoubtedly falls into that category. For that, we have costume designer, stylist and color expert Brenda Cooper to thank.

She had style, she had flair
What did she wear?
IDing all your favorite Fran Fine Outfits!

The return of “Nanny”-wear is part of a larger cloud of nineties nostalgia that seems to have enveloped the fashion world in recent years. … A lot of these recycled trends seem designed to recapture nineties youth culture—the teen-agers of today don’t look much different from those who graced the pages of Delia’s catalogues in 1995. But the resurgence of Fran Fine’s style is something different, a shorthand for a brash kind of femininity that commands respect without ever quite fitting in.