Comic Book Chat – Uncanny-Xmen

Today, Wednesday November 14th will see the release of Uncanny X-men #1 after a long hiatus.

Welcome to Comic Book Chat!

Today’s Discussion – The X-men 

From their debut in 1963- to their heyday in the 1970s and 1980s- to the beloved FOX cartoon in the 1990s, their transition to the silver screen in the 2000s, and the live action series the Gifted on Fox –  the X-men have a rabid fanbase and longevity to boot.

Topics today will include: Favorite X-man and X-Woman, favorite X-men villain, favorite line-up, favorite storyline or miniseries, favorite action figure, favorite video game, etc.

To me- my fellow Avocados -let’s get the conversation started.

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