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Avocado Rule Update: Slurs and the Automod List

We have gotten a lot of questions and pushback about the automod word list lately, so we’ve added a new rule and are announcing it here.

The Avocado has a list of banned words, all of which are slurs. The existence and content of that list is not up for discussion. However, we understand that there are some limited contexts where a slur might be used: in a quote, as part of a title of something, or as used as a “reclaimed” slur by a member of that group. We ask that if you always obscure a slur in some way, and err on the side of caution if you aren’t sure whether or not something is a slur. We also ask that you NEVER use a slur against another person, whether they are a member here or not.

Automodded words put the post directly into our queue and mods will use consideration and discretion to determine if a slur is being used in one of the abovementioned ways and approve the post if so. We also expect people to remember who can reclaim words: if you are not a member of the group included in the slur, don’t use it.

Please ALSO note that automodded words have to be formatted a certain way, so just because the b-word is on the list, that does not mean that “bitching” is.

The automod list will be included below as screenshots, under a spoiler. Please be warned that it is in fact a list of slurs and click at your own risk.