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State of the Channel Holiday Edition

Hi everyone! Here is your State of the Channel: Holiday Edition!


Giftmas is coming – if you have signed up to participate in that, check out details here.


End-of-the-Year pop culture lists are nigh… we usually call them The Pits; please go to here to discuss who is doing what and how and why if you are thinking of doing something so people can coordinate! 


As always, the rules and guidelines are here , and you can always go to the Site Info tab to read updates and clarifications about them.  There are several ways of reporting problematic comments/ issues. We have a concern form, but the quickest way to get a response is usually to flag a comment and/or send it to us over email in a link or screenshot; it’s always helpful to provide context.


Please remember something that may be problematic to you personally may not violate guidelines or rules, and the bean team may not decide to take any action. However, we’d much rather know about any concerns than not.  The Avocado doesn’t pretend to be an especially neutral place; we all like a healthy, robust discussion, but we err on the side of respect for others’ experiences and try to presume good intentions.


If you have an issue with a topic / subthread / particular member of the community that just doesn’t sit well with you – please do flag and check in with the mods. If the team doesn’t feel like the issue is actionable, but you’re still not happy,  you have the following options:


– Downvote (though no one really counts votes except joey).

– Take a break from the discussion for a while; think about it and revisit it, then make your point when you are calmer / more ready to respond respectfully.

– Block a user you just can’t seem to get along with so you don’t have to see their comments.

– Collapse a thread by hovering and clicking on the little “minus” sign and moving along to a different topic.


The most active threads are the daily open and politics threads. A lot of concerns have been brought to our attention about them. Our HobbesMk designed a survey for us about how to improve the PT, which we will put out in due course, and we will do a similar one about the OT   shortly afterward so the mod team can think and decide about the feedback and make any changes to the site rules and guidelines based on that. The results are also meant to be shared with all of you so that we can consider as a community how we might become even better.


 There are TONS of discussions happening all over The Avocado every day. There are like three regular separate threads dedicated to food,  weekly women+, a weekly LGBTQ+ discussion, a mental health thread, and so much stuff about pop culture… there are a lot of serious and fun things going on around the channel.  We encourage you to browse the menu and find something that interests you to read and comment on!


Do you have an especial favorite non OT / PT feature you like? Something you’d like to see in the future? A project you want to do and to gauge interest in, or find someone to work on with?

Please use the comment section below for that. 


Happy holiday season from the bean team!