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Name That Band! (By this Frinkiac)

Hey folks!  Someone requested this return earlier this week, so here it is!

The game is simple!  Post a few lines of lyrics and let others try to guess who performed the song!


  1. Use a picture or GIF from either Frinkiac, Morbotron, or Master of All Science that goes along with your lyrics! (Please save the image to your computer and then upload to Disqus instead of posting the URL directly!)
  2. NO CHEATING by using a search engine! This is only going to be fun if you use your own knowledge or best guess!
  3. Don’t post an entire song!  Just a few lines of lyrics!
  4. Try to choose bands that are well-known enough to at least give us a chance.
  5. Try to guess at others’ posts at least as much as you contribute your own!

Example GIF here (answer in first comment):