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Job Rants Thread – 11/9/2018 – Working From Home Edition


Hey, all; Happy Friday-


Hope everyone’s doing well. I, or more specifically, my chair, is in desperate need of a little TLC (Treads, Lights, Casters) so I’m waiting on the repair guy to make that happen. Given that the window they gave me for showing up is, quite literally, anytime between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, you might imagine I decided to take a sick day.

Thankfully, (or not, depending on one’s point of view) my boss was very understanding and, in a rarity considering our line of work, has allowed me to work remotely for the day; clocking up hours where I can, and helping with scut-work when finished with my own.  I’m thankful for this on both a personal and professional level; as it allows me to both deal with my…unique issues while still being able to recoup sick-time. (though, in seeing how nice the weather looks right now outside my window, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have brought up the idea in the first place)

In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a few of you talking about (or wishing about) the ability to work from home., so why don’t we expand a bit on that, today? Are any of you actually able to do so? Do you find that it helps or hinders your ability to do your job? Do you actually prefer a work environment?

Have at it, my happy little wage slaves. While I might be up on blocks for the better part of the day, I look forward to reading your responses; And of course, any other rants or topics you might need to get off your chest  Have a safe and productive rest of the day, an (especially) safe trip home, and a great weekend. And remember: It’s 5 o’clock somewhere; especially if you’re working from home.