Werewolf 76: Fallout – Signups

This is a Werewolf game designed for beginners. If you have never played Werewolf with us, have only played once or twice, or have not played in a very long time, you will get priority placement in the game. I am more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Veteran players are welcome to sign up, too, and the size of the game will be adjusted for the amount of interest there is.


  1. Annonomally in the Bad Place
  2. Pulprobot
  3. Sister Judith
  4. Josephus Brown
  5. upvote moneydog
  6. Mayelbridwen
  7. Lilith


  1. Shinichiki
  2. Clodia
  3. A Winged Potato
  4. Lindsay
  5. Subsaharan
  6. Captain Video
  7. Candide
  8. Shipwreck
  9. JonHamm
  10. Jake
  11. hohopossum
  12. BannerThief
  13. Lovely Bones
  14. mrimmyowngrandfather
  15. Lord Stoneheart
  16. Sic Humor
  17. Goat
  18. Inndee
  19. Admirax
  20. Nick
  21. Louie
  22. spookyfriend


  1. Flaxon
  2. LibraryLass

(Note: Numbers will be adjusted based on the amount of interest in signups. Some roles may be removed for a very small game.)

Town-aligned – Wins when all scum factions have been eliminated

  • Test Subjects (Vanilla Town) – No special powers outside of the day vote.
  • Overseer (Investigator) – Each night, select a player to investigate. Possible results are VAULT-TEC PERSONNEL (wolves) and VAULT DWELLER (all other roles, including the Serial Killer)
  • Protectron (Jailer) – Each night, select a player to guard. This player cannot be targeted by or perform any night actions. This action takes precedence over all others, if they target anyone with a night action or anyone targeted by a night action, said night action simply does not take place.
  • Mysterious Stranger (Vigilante) – Optionally select a player to kill during a day phase. This kill cannot be blocked. The identity of the Mysterious Stranger will not be revealed except upon their death.


  • Vault-Tec Scientists (Wolves) – Shares a secret chat in QuickTopic. Votes each night phase to eliminate another player. Wins when all other players are eliminated or their numbers guarantee they cannot lose.
  • The Puppet Man & Pickman (Serial Killers) – Working alone, each selects a player to eliminate each night. Wins when all other players are eliminated.

If you have played Werewolf or Mafia before, this is a very straightforward game: no special events, no surprises. Every role listed above notes the standard equivalent in parentheses, with any variation from that standard noted in the description.

Before the game, I will send you a link to a private chat on quicktopic.com (QT). This will be where you will be told your role, and where you can ask me any questions you may have. Anyone with a special power will convey those actions to me in their QT. Wolves will get a link to the Wolf group QT there and may talk freely among themselves in the group chat, day or night.

Day Phase: The game starts with Day One. During each day phase, vote in the official Vote Thread for a player to kill. At the end of the day phase, the player with the most votes will be lynched. (Note: there is no “No Lynch” option in this game. If two or more players are tied for the most votes at the end of the day, the kill will be chosen randomly from those tied players. If a majority of living players vote for the same person at any time, the day immediately ends, and that player is lynched.)

Night Phase: After the Day Phase ends (when the timer runs out, or if auto-lynch is triggered), please refrain from posting any game-related discussion in the thread. During this time, players with Night Actions will convey those actions to me. The results of their actions will be determined at the beginning of the next Day Phase.

Important Rules:
Once the game begins, do not edit any post for any reason, including typos or formatting errors.

A Note on Role Playing:
If you are new here, it’s worth noting that a lot of players here will pick a character to play. This is encouraged, because it is fun, but by no means required, because that would be no fun. Nor is there any requirement that you pick a character from the Fallout universe. Play as Preston Garvey, yourself, an original character you came up with, or hell, play Niles Crane for all I care.

I hope to have this game begin before or during the weekend. These games typically last about a week.

If you have any questions, please ask.