The Book Nook

Welcome to the Book Nook! This is the weekly thread for Avocados to discuss books we’re currently reading, recommendations, genre, and serious literary criticism.

This week’s recommended discussion: A couple of weeks ago, we talked about setting as character. This week, let’s dive into books that can only be set where they are set. The best example of this might be noir – it’s so strongly associated with L.A. that any other setting has to be qualified by its geographic variant.

One caveat: because we’re here to use our words, this is a NO GIF/YouTube/social media embed zone (the OTs are full of clutter, and I want to keep that out of this thread).

upcoming topics:
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11/21: giving thanks
11/28: do reviews change your opinion – h/t snugglewumps
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1/2: resolutions and/or looking forward to in 2019