The Day Thread of the Dead 11/2

Unique Life
Be as happy as you can, oh king Tecayehyatzin
You who appreciates the jewels that flourish!
Will we live again?

Your heart knows this:
We only live once!

Xayacamachan 1510 A.D.

Today is the last day of the Day of the Dead. Nov. 2 coincides with the Catholic All Souls’ Day to honors adults who have died.

It’s a day of sugar skulls, which can be used as either decorations or a tasty treat. It’s also a day of satirical poetry. Generally speaking, these are roasts of the living that treats them like they’re already dead. A popular subject is politicians. So this Day of the Dead be on the look out for Trump-themed poetry.

Day of the Dead technically ends today, but some communities extend the celebration all throughout November. So we may be at the end of the Halloween/Day of the Dead season, but that’s no reason you can’t party with your ancestors all month long.