Springfield: City Of The Dead – A Frinkiac /Morbotron Thread In Memoriam

As another autumn passes and the town of Springfield* looks to the long cold winter, we take these moments to eulogize and memorialize those we have lost. While it seems that the town solely revolves around a few key immortal players, in truth life here for the remainder is nasty, brutish, and short. There are so many stories untold, so many dead yearning to be remembered, so many gravestones knocked over and scattered to dust.

Pay your respects, for you too shall soon be in the wind. 


*Oh and I guess also New New York, and wherever the Hell Morty lives

This is a Frinkiac GIF shitpost thread where we make fun of dead background characters and give them fake obituaries, now have fun you heathen baboons.


this is so stupid