CHAMPIONSHIP: Best TV Platonic Friendship, Different Genders

Well, that was … decisive. Three-seed Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon put down Michael/Janet by more than a two-to-one basis. Which is nothing compared to the more than six-to-one ratio by which Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson manhandled Michael and Eleanor Shellstrop.

So here we are. In the consolation match, we get an all-Good Place showdown – Michael/Janet vs Michael/Eleanor.

And in the main event, it’s WEEKEND UPDATE SMACKDOWN: Amy Poehler vs Tina Fey. Or, if you prefer, MUST SEE TV DEATHMATCH: two of the most beloved sitcoms from NBC’s second Thursday night golden age.

Do you prefer the idealistic small-town liberal and the principled libertarian, or the jaded urban feminist and her corporate conservative boss?

The time has come. Make your case in the comments, then choose a side.

(As always, the bracket is here: