Muppet Casting Halloween Special: The Universal Monsters

It’s time for a special, Halloween edition of Muppet Casting! Normally in these posts, I try to stick to those Muppets who are officially part of the Muppet brand, only dipping into unrelated Jim Henson puppets when necessary. But since it’s a special occasion, we’re going to be doing something a bit different, and do this casting using solely the cast of Sesame Street!

And for your Halloween pleasure, we’ll be casting the classic Universal Studios Monsters!


Big Bird as The Wolfman – When the Wolfman is human, he’s got to seem like a thoroughly decent guy, the sort of guy who’d never in a million years want to rip people’s throats out with his bare teeth. And who could be nicer and gentler than Big Bird?

Cookie Monster as The Frankenstein Monster – From their simplistic grammar to how they balance a gentle soul with some vicious passions, these two seem made for each other.

Oscar the Grouch as The Invisible Man – You need Oscar to properly convey the Invisible Man’s callous, bitter, and misanthropic spirit.

Grover as The Mummy – In the original The Mummy, the titular creature was not some slow, lumbering zombie, but an immortal Ancient Egyptian with a truly bonkers plan to be reunited with his old love’s reincarnation. I figure, Grover’s got the right sort of manic, excitable energy that you can buy him getting swept up in this plan without thinking through the consequences too well.

Mr. Snuffleupagus as The Creature from the Black Lagoon – A very real creature that most people, at first, refuse to believe exists. It just seemed too neat not to do.

The Count as . . . Do I Really Have to Say It?


Bert & Ernie as Abbott & Costello – The comedy duo, with one kinda stupid partner and one constantly exasperated partner, who react to all the crazy monster related stuff going on. It’s the role these two were born to play.


Those are my picks for Muppet versions of the Universal Monsters. What are yours?