The Revenge Of The Recommend If You Like Thread

Welcome back to Recommend If You Like!

Post something you want to find, with the tag RIYL, and applicable categories of music, movies, television shows, games, cars, art, whatever! Then lay back and let the shared wealth of knowledge of The Avocado wash over your request! Soon you’ll know exactly what kind of pizza topping is best! some more stuff you might be into!

For example:

  • User A: RIYL Apples! [fruit, Avocado users]
    • User B: Oranges!
      • User A: *cantankerous arguing*

See? It’s easy!

Here’s a weird one from yours truly:

RIYL works touching on the “death of the space age” , where the boundless technological optimism and adventure of the ’50s and ’60s gradually faded away into our current (interpreted) dismal reality. [everything].

Known similar works include: The Venture Bros., Boards of Canada, JG Ballard, Fallout

Have fun!