Franchise Festival… Coming Soon!

Welcome to Friday, folks! Some minor bad news – there will be no Franchise Festival today. @Lovely_Bones’ history of Silent Hill will instead be appearing on a very special day, next Wednesday. Why Wednesday, you ask? Because it’s… HALLOWEEN!

We will return to our regular schedule two days later as we move out of the horror games of October and into whatever series I feel like writing about, haha. As a bonus for folks today, since we don’t have a new article and people have been interested in hearing what the upcoming schedule holds, I’ll offer a glimpse of what can be expected in November:

  • X-COM
  • Donkey Kong: Classic
  • Wizardry
  • Prince of Persia

I hope those sound appealing, and I look forward to delving into those series’ histories with y’all next month. Now let’s all prepare to get properly spooked at 9:00 AM EST on October 31 with @Lovely_Bones’ history of Silent Hill.