Comic Book Review – Daredevil #609

Most weeks, I know the comic books I’m buying before getting to the shop. Other weeks, I go in blind; not looking at the new releases list. This week, Daredevil #609 caught my eye with the ‘Death of Daredevil’ header on the cover.

My last review of Daredevil can be found here. Back in November 2017, Wilson Fisk was elected mayor of New York City (in the Marvel U obviously). This did not sit well with Matt Murdock and he has been trying to find out the truth about the election win ever since.

Daredevil #609 

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Phil Noto

Daredevil #609 opens with Matt Murdock in the emergency room of NYU medical center. He was sitting outside a café drinking coffee when he sensed a young man crossing the street about to be hit by a truck. Matt pushes the man out of the way in time, but Matt is unable to avoid being hit by the truck. Matt is operated on and the surgery is a success. Foggy visits Matt in recovery and Matt wants Foggy to help him get dressed and leave the hospital. This latest brush with death has made Matt realize that the way he lives his life, he can’t waste any more time on unimportant things.

Matt meets with Inhuman detective Frank McGee, Reader, and X-Man Cypher. The foursome are working together to uncover Fisk’s election win. Matt tells the other men that this is no longer an investigation; it’s a war. Matt goes on to tell them that they need to be ready for Fisk coming after them and that they need to trust each other completely. Matt pulls out his Daredevil mask and lets the group know about his costumed identity. After the shock of this revelation dissipates, Matt tells them they are going after Fisk’s right hand man, James Wesley, to put the squeeze on him for information.

As Daredevil swings across the city, thinking over the team’s plan, his swingline is cut by a knife thrown by an unseen assailant.  Matt recovers mid-air and crash lands on a fire escape. He senses another knife being thrown and this time, he’s able to catch it. Daredevil calls out to this assassin that Fisk can send whoever he wants, Daredevil is coming for the former Kingpin of Crime. The villain disappears as Daredevil analyzes the weapon- the knife is made from bone.

Daredevil makes it back to his apartment without any further interference, and as he enters his home, he begins to smell a familiar scent, one he hasn’t encountered in a long time. Elektra is seen on Matt’s bed. She gets up, walks over to him, and they kiss passionately.

Part one of the ‘Death of Daredevil’ storyline is entitled Thanatophobia, which is the fear of death. The Man Without Fear now has something to fear- an early death before he can bring Wilson Fisk to justice and save his city from the grip of a madman. He has the help of Frank McGee and Cypher, which is a nice nod to their interaction and teamwork in the Hunt for Wolverine – Weapon Lost miniseries. Who is the new assassin working for Fisk? Elektra is back- but is she friend or foe? Is the Death of Daredevil the end of Matt’s journey as a costumed vigilante or will Matt’s life be the ultimate price to stop Wilson Fisk once and for all? These answers will hopefully be answered over the course of the next few issues.

Daredevil #610 solicitation – Determined to prove the Kingpin cheated his way into the mayor’s office, Matt is pulling out all the stops! His resolve has set him down a path that will either tear down the Kingpin’s empire or will cost Matt everything. When the final bell rings, only Fisk or Murdock will be left standing! Release Date – 10/31/18