The Night Thread of Hermione’s Venerability

Last time I made a thread about one of my family’s cats, it was a big hit, so for October here’s a look at our spoOOookiest kitty, the 100% black-furred old lady of the house, Hermione. She is shown here looking unimpressed at my Black Panther minifigure.

Unlike Minnie, whose entire life with us has been documented since Day 1, Hermione was already old by the time my Google Photos archive starts. We adopted her from the shelter as a kitten – taking pity on her because her brother kept stepping on her head – when I was only four years old. That was in 1999. Hermione is now headed for 19 years of age, which for an indoor-outdoor cat like her is roughly equivalent to 126 human years. She’s gotten rustier over the decades, but she’s still going strong.

Most of the time, she rather resembles a black Tribble, albeit one that likes to glare if you take pictures.

Every so often she seems like she’s slowing down, or has lost a step. Lately she’s developed a limp in her hind right leg. But whenever we think she might be heading for the end, she surprises us by doing something like climbing up on the roof to glare down at everyone with her laser eyes:

She can be a bit of a crotchety old lady, and never really got used to the other cats in the house even after living with one of them for over a decade. Sometimes she takes extreme measures to ensure her solitude.

But with me she’s a big old softy, and there’s nothing she loves better than a good head scritch.