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Sports Corner – October 24

With the World Series off and running, it’s time for this New Yorker to admit that we are lagging far behind Los Angeles and Boston as a sports center.  Even as the Dodgers and Red Sox square off, the rest of Boston’s teams have good to great chances to contend for titles, both of LA’s football teams are lined up to to make the playoffs, and LeBron James took his talents to Hollywood.  While New Yorkers are stuck with one relevant team,  a team a lot of us hate.

Well, at least we still have Broadway. But don’t be surprised if we have a Rams-Pats Super Bowl with two more teams I don’t want to root for.


  • Amari Cooper traded to the Cowboys for a first round pick.  But what will the Raiders do with this pick and the one they got for Mack?
  • Lakers and Rockets fight, NBA hands down some surprisingly small suspensions
  • Ohio State loses, opening the door wider for Notre Dame and for some one loss teams
  • Marlins sign highly touted Cuban prospect Victor Victor Mesa

As always, all sports subjects welcome.