Riverdale S3E3: “Chapter Thirty-Eight: As Above, So Below” Live Thread


I really do wonder how they choose the Archie panels for those Network draft pages


anywho last week Weird Doiley was officially declared dead (this show is really getting a body count huh)

Archie tried to get a group of juvenile delinquent male models to get along with the power of AMERICAN FOOTBALL

anyone remember when Archie was a musician? I guess Fred was right

Veronica had a dumb idea per usual and got the Vixens to do a rehearsed song and dance number for the male models

Hiram continues to menace a teenager and got him beat up by some guards

Archie’s cellmate that definitely didn’t awaken anything in me named Mad Dog was apperantly killed (offscreen) so Warden Creep-O is gonna get Archie who got his ass kicked twice now to do some good ol illegal underground fighting for him

and BugHead apperantly got attacked by an evil Groot

also all the weird shit is apperantly connected to something the parents did as kids on some Freddy Kruger shit probably

Blog away, Bulldogs