Six Pieces of Media That Define You

This came to mind because of how my friend organizes her books. She has one of those cubby-style bookshelves, and one of the cubbies is all of the books that tell you something about who she is. I thought I’d share something along those lines, but since this is the avocado, not limit it to books.

Here are six pieces of media that define me and why:

  • Top Gun – My most-watched film. The fact that I watched this like once every couple of weeks for a couple years growing up explains a lot about who I am as a person, probably.
  • Harry Potter – Honestly hesitant to put this in, but it was huge to me. I got the books at midnight. As a kid, I was Harry, which is kind of self-effacing. Him and Ron’s friendship was me and my best friend.
  • His Dark Materials – I still think about this series. It was given to me by my 6th grade English teacher. This series and my faith have a complicated relationship, which would be hard to explain unless you read it.
  • Transistor – This game appeals directly to my aesthetic and does not back down. It’s very much me.
  • Spice and Wolf – My ideal romance summed up with an interesting series of medieval trade disputes.
  • Yotsuba& – It never fails to make me smile and you should read it even if you don’t want to know me. This series is my fluffy heart.

Feel free to post your own and share what each of them means to you or how they reflect who you are.