Pod People 10.22.18

A thread for all things podcast related from throughout the week.

Featured Podcast: The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project – The Long Story with Alexandra Higgs Portman

Parodies of Serial are pretty much a cliche at this point, in the intervening years since the show skyrocketed in popularity, and with it podcasting as a whole, the show has been mocked in almost every conceivable way. So leave it to Andy Daly to come up with a funny way to present a tired joke. Centered on the “sad” tale of Cactus Tony, imprisoned for burying people alive under the pretense that they will dig their way to China, the story follows the typical Serial format, but involves a myriad of hilarious characters. I’m particularly charmed by Carl Tart’s Sea Sheller/Seller and the return of Matt Gourley and Jeremy Carter’s Milton and Dupree act.

What podcasts did you enjoy this week?