Atomic Robo Day Thread 8/20

Hello, I am going to talk about a comic today. Its where I got my Halloween name. Its called Atomic Robo. What’s it about you ask? Well, I will tell you. Its a about Atomic Robo a robot made by Nikola Tesla. It follows him through out his life. It time jumps a lot to events in his life one story will take place in the 50’s the next 2005. Each story is made to stand and be read on its own. So now reading a bunch of things to get to the one you want to read.A thing that is great about it is what the call the pledge. Its five rules that they follow.

Rule 1: No angst! Robo himself is never shown to be angsty about being the only robot in the world.

Rule 2: No cheesecake. Best rule. There is none in the comic at all.

Rule 3: No reboots. Good idea no need to make things more confusing.

Rule 4: No filler. They only want to put out what is worth reading.

Rule 5: The Robot punches things. Makes sense


So the cast is large we will just focus on three major characters

Atomic Robo: He is a robot, good a punching things okay with the science things. Runs a company that does over the top science things. Like portals to new worlds. Friends with a lot of famous smart people, like Carl Sagan.

Robo waving.

Jenkins: One Man force of Nature. Might just be violence in human form.

Dr. Dinosaur: Is a supergenius dromaeosaur with an unlimited hatred of all mammalkind. He believes himself to be a time-traveling super-genius attempting to prevent events that occurred on September 19, 2008 that destroyed his world.  . He tends the think crystals are able to do anything. Think crazy Mad scientist that somehow always pulls of crazy things that work.

He and Robo have a very Spy Vs. Spy thing going and his stories are just fun to read.

Here is how it tends to go in few pages

See funny and enjoyable. That is the whole comic.

Its also all online for free at so you can read it all right now. Go do that. Spend your Saturday doing that. Where should you start? I will tell you. Three choices.

1: Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time :Robo, HP Lovecraft, Charles Fort, and Carl Sagan team up to fight Cthulhu. See you want to read that already.

2: Atomic Robo and the Flying She-Devils of the Pacific : After WWII Robo meets Sky-pirate crew of all women, who are all awesome. This is where the no Cheesecake rule plays big time, any other comic would have made them pinup models wearing almost nothing. This treats them all with respect and they dressed as normal people would. Its about how after WWII a bunch of people didn’t have anywhere to return too, so the pacific became a lawless western like place. The setting alone could be its own series. Anyway the She-Devils are a all women Pirate crew that fights, other pirates, mercenaries, and the remainders of the Japanese army who still think the war is going on. The fight by flying around on jet packs and latching on to planes. Its awesome.

3: Atomic Robo and the Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur : Dr. Dinosaur gets an entire long story arc. What more could you want?

Try it you might like it, its good for people who don’t even read comics. Have fun posting today.