AVO Chintzees

Job Rants Thread – 10/19/2018


Hey all, Happy Friday.


So, without getting too deep into the reasons why, I figured that this week we could build upon last week’s discussion topic, but looking at it from the opposite angle. Namely, when was the last time you took a risk at work that didn’t pan out for you? Now, I know that’s not exactly the most positive topic in the world, but I’ll bet that, even at their worst, they were still learning experiences; so why not focus on that.

Of course, the table’s always  open for anything else you might want to get off your chest, ‘caditos. so rant away. I myself will likely be quiet this week as, apparently, deadlines are still a thing even during vacation periods. As ever, have a safe and productive rest of the day, safe trip home, and good weekend. And remember: Blackjack is not an adequate treatment for boredom.