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So You Think You Can Think: Puzzle 11

Arooooooooo, puzzlists! It’s mid October and things are getting a mite spoooOOOOOooooky here at the at the Avocado! This week’s puzzle contributes to the macabre atmosphere, if only in name. But that’s good enough!

First, let’s raise the spirit of last week’s puzzle from the great beyond with… soluuuUUUUUuuutions!


  1. Mischa Barton Fink
  2. Prinception
  3. Olympia Dukakiss of the Spider Woman
  4. Stephen Fryday
  5. Sarah Polleyester
  6. Chiwetel Ejiofor Your Eyes Only
  7. Ryan Gosling Blade
  8. Erroll Flynnside Llewyn Davis (although several pointed out, correctly, that “Erroll Flynn Time” works as well)
  9. Frank Whaleyens
  10. Michael Chiklisztomania
  11. Michael Jeternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  12. Jude Lawrence of Arabia (or Paul Newman from Del Rio)
  13. Leighton Meester of Echoes
  14. Zach Galifianakis Before Dying


This week’s puzzle is called The Acronymicon! Named after a cursed tome that reduced words to their scariest element: the first letter! Below you’ll find some categories, then a few clues. The clues are, naturally, elements of the categories they’re listed in…except for anything besides propositions, we’ve removed all letters save the first! (We’re also leaving in numbers, because math is scary too.)

So, “Home of the Austin Freaks” would appear in the Acronymicon as “H of the A F” and “Upvoted by Garbage Ape” would be “U by G A”. And of course, those would all be grouped under the category of “Phrases associated with The Avocado.” See? Terrifying!!!!

The categories are there to help nudge you toward the individual clue answers, just as the clues will help nudge you toward identifying the category. Be careful: the categories can get a bit specific! Good luck, Avocadavers!

Category One

  • A the WT
  • GH
  • AMC
  • D of OL
  • OL to L
  • S for T

Category Two

  • HL and the N
  • BS and the ESB
  • BS and the SBB
  • SR and the M
  • F and the M
  • JJ and the B

Category Three

  • BJ, G
  • IS, P
  • MJ, LV
  • KR, G
  • BW, B
  • CW, D

Category Four

  • WCT at W
  • DQPWC at M
  • O6DT at CJ
  • TWWC at BK
  • MT at H
  • DCS at WC

Category Five

  • GDT for TS of W
  • AJ for I, T
  • FM for TBOE, M
  • GDT and JMD for TS of W
  • SR for TBOE, M
  • GO for DH

Category Six

  • DD of the GS of A
  • MF of the GS of O
  • MM of the GS of W
  • JBE of the GS of L
  • JJ of the GS of WV
  • DD of the GS of SD

Category Seven

  • JB with the CR
  • TG with the SDP
  • KP with the MT
  • RC with the PP
  • PWR with the B and LAD
  • CY with the BRS

Category Eight

  • PC: R, CC, PJ
  • M: G, V, O
  • WR: V, CL, C
  • M: R, V, B, MC
  • S: V, OJ
  • LIIT: T, V, R, TS, G, LJ, C

Category Nine

  • 12 I in a F
  • 3 F in a Y
  • 22 Y in a C
  • 10 C in a F
  • 8 F in a M
  • 3 M in a L

Category Ten

  • “PMP” by TM and TC
  • “L on M” by BW and CN
  • “W a ML a W” by PS and MB
  • “V” by SB and B
  • “LM” by L and CA/LK/M/P
  • “IBT” by TJ5 and MC