Train to Busan DAY THREAD (10/18)

Train to Busan is one of my favorite zombie movies. I discovered this movie thanks to Avocado recommendations.


It is a zombie horror thriller that hooked me almost immediately. I became emotionally invested from the start and was at the edge of my seat the entire movie.


The basic premise is that of a man (Gong Yoo as Seok-Woo), and his daughter who are on a speeding passenger train as a zombie outbreak sweeps South Korea. Gong Yoo, his daughter and other passengers face a harrowing journey as they try to reach safety.


In addition to Gong Yoo, the movie stars Sohee as Soo-an, Seok-Woo’s young daughter. Ma Dong-Seok as Sang-hwa, a tough, working-class man. Jung Yu-mi as Seong-kyeong, Sang-hwa’s pregnant wife.


I definitely recommend Train to Busan if you haven’t seen it already.