Sarah Dessen Night Thread

One of my favorite authors is Sarah Dessen. She writes contemporary, realistic Young Adult (teen) Fiction, with female protagonists. There’s always some romance in her books, but there are other themes as well, such as teen pregnancy, female friendships, sibling rivalry, grief, and so on and so forth. Last year, Dessen won the Margaret A. Edwards Award, awarded by the Young Adult section of the American Library Association for “significant and lasting contribution to young adult literature.”

My absolute favorite Dessen novel is her 2015 book, Saint Anything. A book about a teen girl, Sydney, who feels invisible thanks to all the attention her parents give her golden-child older brother, who has recently gone to jail on a DUI conviction.  Sydney changes high schools, and she’s finally seen by new friends and it gives me all the feels.

If you have any interest in YA novels, I definitely recommend picking up a Sarah Dessen book at your local library! Until then, post away.