Riverdale S3E2 “Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men’s Eyes” Live Thread




SO last week some shit went down

Veronica tried to save Archie from going to jail with the worst plans imaginable, because she is a teenager and dumb. Archie plead guilty even though the other side had no evidence and their only argument was “he’s a dickhead” because he is a teenager and dumb. So “Orange is the new black” get it because his hair hahahahaha

Jughead is still leader of the Serpents but is also about to cause a gang war because he is a teenager and dumb

Betty is being kept busy trying to save her sister and Mom from joining a cult that *checks notes* makes babies float apperantly *blinks* well that can’t be right


also she passed out from drug abuse


then weird ass Dilton (who might be dead) was found by Jug all cut up and shit while doing some weird ass ceremony or something on some real American Horror Story: Coven type shit

if this isn’t a Sabrina crossover I’m gonna be pissed

also Josie and Sweet Pea fucked

blog away, bulldogs