Introduce Yourself!

Every couple of months we put these up so newbies and oldbies alike can temporarily emerge from behind the mask of memes and give us all an idea of who they are.

Some ideas, if you don’t know where to start:

  • story of your username/avatar
  • old name on the Mothership/Kinja
  • how you learned about the Avocado
  • pop culture interests
  • age/age range
  • area of the world you live in
  • career/job/aspirations
  • relationship status
  • gender/pronouns
  • favorite TV shows
  • languages spoken

Only share as much as you’re comfortable with.

Bonus deets for Giftmas participants: please take a minute to post in here! It’s super helpful for your gifter, particularly if you skipped the “gift ideas” section of the form. Let’s save the gift brainstorming for the other thread, though – this introductions thread is for everyone.