Rose McIver Day Thread (10/10)


Today is Rose McIver’s birthday. She currently plays Olivia Moore on iZombie, a show I really enjoy. Rose is from New Zealand and started her acting career at only two years old which is when she started appearing in commercials. She had many roles as a child actor, mainly in fantasy tv series like Hercules (1995, 1997) and Xena Warrior Princess (1999)


Later (2009) McIver stared in Power Rangers RPM. 048251F8-B62C-4743-8394-1272CF9A98BA

The first role I remember seeing her in is the supernatural drama The Lovely Bones.FC221018-6D24-4E67-AB84-C18F8E74F715

McIver was also in tv series Once Upon A Time, Masters of Sex and tv film Petals on the Wind.

Currently she is starring in iZombie, a fabulous show!