Riverdale S3E1: “Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day” Live Thread



lol you look dorky in that bow tie Arch


SO, last season on Riverdale, Jughead got super into Sons of Anarchy cosplay, Papa Lodge created a Leigon of Doom to destroy a group of teenagers, Veronica, a 16-17 year old, now owns a biker bar, Chic Franco is probably dead, Betty’s Dad was the black hood(kinda dropped that EYES thing quick huh, CHERYL “DA GAWD” BLOSSOM JOINED THE SERPENTS AND GOT HER OWN RED JACKET, and the Roman Reigns of Riverdale got arrested for doing mob things

also teenage Betty did a strip tease in front of several adult bikers including her BF’s Dad

that was weird

Dark Betty was featured heavily in promos so we’re probably coming back to that

blog away bulldogs (WE BACK MUTHAFUCKA)