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The Weekend Politics Rises From the Ashes

Lacrimosa dies illa | Full of tears will be that day
Qua resurget ex favilla | When from the ashes shall arise
Judicandus homo reus. | The guilty man to be judged.
— “Lacrimosa dies illa,” Requiem in D Minor, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



Liberal democracy has taken it in the balls so often lately that one might mistake C-SPAN for an America’s Funniest Home Video greatest hits compilation.1

Yes, a white Chicago cop who pumped a dozen rounds into an already fallen and dying black teen will go to prison.

Yes, some tiny corrections such as Atlanta renaming streets called no-half-steppingly “Confederate” get made on a daily basis.2

Yes, a congressional election remains on the calendar for exactly 31 days from when this bloodied-but-unbowed Weekend Politics Thread header goes live.

But the bastards have succeeded in grinding us down to a nub. An angry nub, but a nub nonetheless.

How nubby?

So nubby that old-school Humphries/McGovern liberal Mark Shields feels justified in appearing on the PBS Newshour and declaiming that the problem with the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination process boiled down too many female survivors of sexual assault staging protests. Really, Check the tape.3



Your gobsmacked WPT host almost wanted to award this folie à deux a coveted Close But No Potato since both Shields and his perpetually tut-tutting foil David Brooks had correctly stated earlier in the segment that the folks nominally in charge of shoring up the very foundations of governance have allowed those pillars to rot away or taken them out with shaped charges. Uvular cannot even show these YouTubed goobers a tuber, however, because they agree that everything would turn out fine if only the peasants presented themselves in manners less revolting.4

When a doyen of Democratic thought maintains a straight face while defining organizing and marching to save the Republic as a sin against small-R republicanism, what hope remains?

Today, through this weekend, and until a Democratic House, Senate, and president can break the nihilistic, millenarian, misogynistic, and white nationalist death grip of the Republicans, little hope.

Which actually highlights the remaining hope. People live for calling any upcoming national election the most important one in their lifetimes. Such individuals have the right of it when discussing Nov. 6, 2018. If U.S. voters fail to flip at least the House of Representatives to a Democratic majority, the United States may never again hold another meaningful election.

Every Politicado will vote. Thank yourselves.

Most Politicados take some active role in a campaigns for good candidate. Your community thanks you.

Now light fires under the fannies of the decent people in your lives to spark them toward a ballot box a month hence. Their continued existence in a country anyone would want to call home depends on their participation in scarily real ways.

But since you have four weeks and change to stoke those fires, procrastinate long enough from your impassioned retail politicking to post many comments below. Your Uvular will thank you.