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The Friday Politics Thread: Judge-ment Day

Good morning everyone!

Writing this post the night before what feels like a very important day in American history is…strange.

Normally, I try to write my threads on Friday mornings, so I can try and shoehorn in some of the latest news last minute. Every once in a while I’m afraid I’ll wake up to a mushroom cloud, and my Friday PT will autopost some footage of Hands Across America.

Because my primary concern, upon awaking to a mushroom cloud, is definitely going to be “how topical is my politics threeeeeeaaa-” *lights on fire*

I’m not sure I meant to tie in a judge’s confirmation to a terrifying dream sequence in Terminator 2 when I began writing this post, but here we are. I started with a pun on Judge, and it kind of worked itself in. Maybe.

Anyway, I’m a bit high and don’t know where I’m going with any of this. Also my dog gently snoring next to me sounded like muffled voices outside of my window (Deep State??), which was creepy as hell, so I should probably wrap this up!

Do not threaten Mayor Mcsquirrel or his peanut headed friends