Scott OT #134: The Day Thread Salutes the 1910 Frankenstein (10/5)

I’ve decided to focus all of my OTs this month (except for my traditional last Night Thread of the month) on silent horror shorts. Today’s horror short is J. Searle Dawley’s 1910 adaptation of Frankenstein.

Image result for frankenstein 1910

You all know the story of Frankenstein, so you don’t need me to describe the plot. What’s interesting about this version is that, for many years, it was feared lost. Film collector Alois F. Dettlaff bought a copy of it from his mother-in-law in the early ’50s, neither knowing how rare it was. After discovering that it was thought to be lost, he revealed it to the world in the ’70s and a 35 mm preservation copy was made.

Hope you all have fun posting here today and have a great day.