Werewolf 72: I Am Everything That Happens: Day 5 – “The Carousel”

Round and round and round we go…we do this cycle, every time, over and over, we kill and argue and fight and love and…live and loss and…

The void opens, and before you can even blink, you are here. The spaceship took you far away, back to where you’ve always been.

An empty office space, one devoid of life. Some computers blink, the soft hum of mechanical hard-drive motors sometimes reach your ears…but the only people here are you. This engine of capitalism drones on, absent intervention or oversight. It simply is, and always was.

Your arguments have continued from the space cabin; heated words are spoken, and before long, one produces a knife and goes in for a kill…the blood arcs, spraying over the cubicles and keyboards, the chair wheels now greasy with the crimson, as Hols stands there, unbelieving, her eyes now seeing to the Beyond, where she will stay. She could not break the Cycle. She will await the next rotation.

HolsGG was a Lycanafabulae.

Candide stands in triumph, having finally dispatched for his partner. He feels the energy, the rush of the kill, and as he locks eyes with his partner in crime, they know, in their bones, that there all is suffering, and anyone who could say otherwise was a fool, one who merely postured and pretended and put on a facade, a mask of civility over the cruel nature of existence. All is death.

In the struggle, Hoho had taken a bad spill, and as he lay upon the carpet, his wheezing breath coming in agonized gasps, they can feel, they can know, that this will not be the end. They ascend, the two of them, feeling their bodies become one with the Beyond. They await the next Cycle, for this will go on forever. And they could not be more joyous.

Candide was Gull the Serial Killer Psychic Recruit. He goes with his partner, Hoho, Almalexia the Serial Killer Psychic, to the Beyond.

Now, you must go. There is much to learn here.



  • 1 Maturin
  • 1 Almalexia
  • 1 Gull
  • 4 3 2 Lycanafabulae
  • 1 Gafinilan
  • 1 Mertil
  • 1 Javert
  • 1 O’Brien
  • 1 Castle
  • 1 Elend
  • 1 du Pont
  • 9 7 6 5 Narremes


  1. Lamb Dance
  2. El Marinero – Lycanafabulae
  3. Owen1120 – Maturin the Surgeon
  4. Lindsayfunke
  5. Little Miss Giggle Fits
  6. SisterJudeTheObscure
  7. InnDEE….D
  8. D. Goat
  9. Lutair –  Narreme
  10. Dw
  11. Doctor Nick
  12. HohoPossum – Almalexia the Serial Killer Psychic
  13. Robert Post’s Child
  14. Creeper
  15. April L.K.D.  – Castle the Vigilante
  16. Notevenanerd – Narreme
  17. Spiny Creature – Javert the Cop
  18. LouieBlue – Elend the Town Backup
  19. Sic humor – Narreme
  20. HolsGG – Lycanafabulae
  21. Candide – Gull the Serial Killer Psychic Recruit
  22. Warrior

Day 5 will end at 4pm Pacific on Friday, October 5th, or if a majority of 6 votes is reached. Ties in voting will result in a random death, chosen from among the top vote-receivers.

Editing posts, or directly quoting any part of your QT without permission, is not allowed.

Roleplay is encouraged, but not required.

Last, and most certainly not least…I will show you the way.