So You Think You Can Think: Puzzle 9

Hello friends. Another puzzle, this time a Crossword! (Kinda.)

First, the answers to last week’s puzzly quiz. Three of the answers weren’t arrived at by anyone, so that warmed my heart a bit. The answers are below, and the bolded answers are ones that went unguessed!


  1. Connect Four
  2. Candyland
  3. Uno
  4. (Settlers of) Catan
  5. Stratego
  6. (Contract) Bridge
  7. Parcheesi
  8. Pinochle
  9. Mille Bournes
  10. Clue(do)
  11. Mousetrap
  12. Pokémon (CCG)
  13. Othello
  14. Chutes and Ladders
  15. Scrabble (from the official tournament rules)
  16. RISK
  17. Boggle
  18. Trivial Pursuit
  19. Gin Rummy
  20. Backgammon
  21. The Game of Life
  22. Yahtzee
  23. Blackjack (21)
  24. Taboo
  25. Rock, Paper, Scissors


Okay folks, I figured I’d give you more of a challenge this week. Something a lot more cryptic than you’re used to. Also, I’m going to be less generous with clues and corrections in the comments.

Below you’ll find a crossword grid, with all the clues for the grid entries. You won’t be given clue/answer locations: once you figure out the appropriate word, you’ll also have to figure out where it fits in the grid. When completed correctly, the circled letters will unscramble to reveal an appropriate thematic summation.

Good luck.Looking for hints? Sorry, nothing here to help you, mate.