Jeopardy! recap for Thur., Oct. 4

Jeopardy! recap for Thur., Oct. 4 – Let’s meet today’s contestants:

– Sara, a communications manager from North Carolina, was in an R-rated musical parody of “Silence of the Lambs”;
– Kian, a high school history teacher from New Jersey, runs “twisty puzzle” competitions; and
– Doug, a classical singer from Massachusetts, is “tragically single”. Doug is a three-day champ with winnings of $52,799.

Sara bet confidently on both DDs she found and was correct, helping her build a solid lead going into FJ with $19,600 vs. $13,600 for Kian and $12,600 for Doug.

DD1 – GRAMMAR A-Z – S: The set of rules for the proper arrangement of a sentence from the Greek for “orderly arrangement” (Sara won $2,600 on a true DD.)

DD2 – ELECTION 1968 – The problems of this Democratic nominee included struggling to break from LBJ’s Vietnam policy… & that his “Happy Warrior” image seemed out of place in a not-so-happy time (Kian won $3,000)

DD3 – “PER”SPECTIVE ON SCIENCE – 500 years ago Leonardo da Vinci knew this machine was impossible, telling its would-be builders to go join the alchemists (Sara won $5,000)

FJ – INTERNATIONAL CRIME – Italy’s Agromafia enriches itself through counterfeit versions of this “liquid gold” mentioned by Homer & Plato

Everyone was correct on FJ and Sara made another strong bet of $13,100 to win with $32,700.

That’s before our time: No one knew “The Long Goodbye” and “The Big Sleep” author Raymond Chandler, or could provide the body part in the title of Steve Martin’s “The Man With Two Brains”.

Correct Qs:
DD1 – What is syntax?
DD2 – Who was Humphrey?
DD3 – What is a perpetual motion machine?
FJ – What is olive oil?