Werewolf 72: I Am Everything That Happens: Day Two – “Gelidia”

“Prepare for a new reality.”

And then the air changes, a subtle tinge of brackish, stagnant potency infiltrates the senses. Your eyes witness the majesty of creation, a transportation to a new world, one created before your eyes. This is what God felt as He pointed His finger to the blank canvas and said, “Now all is born.”

In the commotion, the brightness, the agony of a new plane cracking onto the skeleton of the old one, one of you spies the prone body of John Constantine, motionless, the life faded from his once beautiful features, a cigarette having collapsed to the stub in his slack mouth. He was so looking forward to figuring out his life. Now he will not.

LouieBlue (John Constantine) has died. He was Elend the Apprentice, AKA the Town Backup.

And before any of you can truly comprehend the loss, the truth of death, the swirling air, the overbearing light, shifts down radically. Now it feels almost thin, as if one were standing on a mountaintop, but…where is the light?

One of you reaches out a hand to feel, and it meets a cold, hard surface of stone. Another one fishes out John’s lighter and sets it ablaze, and catches the rest of the cavern. A cave? Where is the forest? Where are the bodies? What is this place? The air crackles with the sharp pinpricks of ice, the shivers up the spine telling you that not a single warming titian ray has ever reached this dark cavity.

You were too greedy, and now this is your reward.

The Narrator, your only source of normality, the one who wished to show you the true way, is gone now. Only chaos and infinity will meet your eyes from now until you too rest alongside him in the Beyond.



  • 1 Maturin
  • 1 Almalexia
  • 4 Lycanafabulae
  • 1 Gafinilan
  • 1 Mertil
  • 1 Javert
  • 1 O’Brien
  • 1 Castle
  • 1 Elend
  • 1 du Pont
  • 9 Narremes


  1. Lamb Dance
  2. El Marinero
  3. Owen1120
  4. Lindsayfunke
  5. Little Miss Giggle Fits
  6. SisterJudeTheObscure
  7. InnDEE….D
  8. D. Goat
  9. Lutair
  10. Dw
  11. Doctor Nick
  12. HohoPossum
  13. Robert Post’s Child
  14. Creeper
  15. April L.K.D.
  16. Notevenanerd
  17. Spiny Creature
  18. LouieBlue – Elend the Apprentice, the Town Backup
  19. Sic humor
  20. HolsGG
  21. Candide
  22. Warrior

Day 2 will end at 3pm Pacific on Thursday, September 27th, or if a majority of 11 votes is reached. Ties in voting will result in a random death, chosen from among the top vote-receivers.

Editing posts, or directly quoting any part of your QT without permission, is not allowed.

Roleplay is encouraged, but not required.

Last, and most certainly not least…I am everything that happens.