The Best Album Cover Tournament Winner

This is it, folks… the moment we’ve been waiting for for two weeks!

Thanks to everyone who contributed their nominations, upvotes, and considerations throughout this run.  There were a lot of surprises along the way, especially when it came to big names being knocked off by unexpected underdogs.  Some of the most famous album covers in history didn’t even make it out of the first round, while others stuck around a long, long time.

So, without further ado:

The winner of the Best Album Cover Tournament is………







… a tie.


Yep, both Dark Side of the Moon and Bitches Brew got 56 votes.

So, they’re BOTH the Best Album Cover!  Eh, why not?

Bitches Brew was by far the underdog, starting seeded at 38, defeating a higher seed in each round, whereas Dark Side of the Moon was top dog at number one.  So I think it’s rather fitting that both the scrappy contender and the reigning champ get to share the prize!

The bronze match wasn’t close, however: Wish You Were Here (2) soundly defeated Unknown Pleasures (4) by 64 to 41, so it wins the third place prize!


The tournament brackets are here, if you’re interested.

And now it’s your turn to reflect on these results and let us know who SHOULD have been the big winner!