Snugglewumps Goes to New York!

Hello New York ‘Cados! I’ll be in your city from October 3-8. Let me know if you’re free and wanna meet up!

I’ll be at NYCC on October 7 if anyone happens to be going too. Otherwise, we can grab Korean fried chicken like the last time. And karaoke again? Or maybe bowling or another activity where we can all chat more?

Oh, and fellow ladies, any interest in a girls’ night out?

This will just be a casual thing so no worries if you can’t make it. The Real and Official Meetup will be in late October, and the good Fredegar Bolger is planning it.

LASTLY: This will be my third time in the city and I was too busy/lazy to plan an itinerary. So if you have suggestions for affordable but fun things to do, throw them my way.