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The Tuesday Politics Thread Quits But Is Fired But Didn’t Quit And Isn’t Fired Yet?

My head is still spinning from the will-he-won’t-he-get-fired-and-plunge-the-country-into-a-constitutional-crisis dance from the other day, involving Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. I assume I’m not the only one who was confused for what seemed like far too long.

Meanwhile another accusation against Brett “Car Pool Dad” Kavanaugh has surfaced, and various talking heads are promising there are more that we have yet to hear. One such talking head is creepy porn lawyer next President of the United States respected attorney I’m-not-bald-I-shave-my-head guy Michael Avenatti, whom I do not exactly trust but kind of have no reason to doubt when it comes to this, because who knows how many other women out there can credibly accuse Kavanaugh of who knows how many things.

And Trump is talking to the UN this week, where he will likely make an ass out of himself, but that’s not really news at this point.

I am already exhausted.

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