Scott OT #128: The Day Thread of The Last Vampire on Earth (9/25)

The 2010 Twilight rip-off The Last Vampire on Earth is one of the more breathtakingly dumb mockbusters of all time. The acting is terrible, the cinematography is horrid, and the script is a carbon copy of Twilight, except with even worse dialogue.

(actual DVD cover)

However, there’s one sublimely awful moment that makes it perfect to do an Open Thread header on. See, our female lead Chloe has AIDS (she got it from doing missionary work in Africa, because all Africans have AIDS, the people behind this movie are culturally insensitive idiots) and she gets cancer in the AIDS late in the movie. Yes, she literally gets CancerAIDS. She must have posted an especially obnoxious firstie the day she got that diagnosis.

Hope you all have fun posting here today and have a great day.