Comic Book Review – Savants #1

Savants #1

PublisherSource Point Press

Created and Written by Gary Reed

Illustrated by Seth Damoose

For those that miss the TV series Heroes and Misfits, Savants is right up your alley.

Savants is a story about super powered individuals scattered around the globe. Ngon Thi Chau is able to remember everything that she has ever learned in her young lifetime. Tonkei of the Maasai Tribe can emit a scream that acts as echolocation to find lions and other animals for his tribe. Tuuq, an Inuit, can swim in subzero temperatures to hunt fish to sustain his people. Katrina Kerensky can tell the difference between real and counterfeit money just by touching it, this ability helping a local crime organization. An unnamed woman can visit other individuals in their dreams.

Amy Berg is the main character of the story and we learn that she has to ability of precognition. She has been under the care of Edgar Allan Raven, who runs a private company that investigates paranormal activity.

The Center for Intuitive Studies (CIS), led by Dr. Keller, has an interest in Amy and her abilities. Dr. Keller would like to enroll Amy at this prestigious facility in an effort to maximize her skills, to realize her full potential and capabilities.

After much soul searching and debate, it’s decided that Amy will be going to the center the next day.  She is not happy with the decision that was made for her and she runs away from Raven Inc. back to the one place she felt safe long ago, the house where she grew up. Curt Davis, head of security for Raven, finds Amy to bring her back to Mr. Raven’s compound. Curt and Amy talk and Curt gives Amy a card with his phone number on it. He tells her to memorize it, just in case she goes to the facility and she runs into any trouble.

Amy shows up at the CIS facility to begin her journey. Inside the building, one of the super powered individuals watches Amy’s arrival. That individual is the unnamed dream warrior, who is being held in restraints. What nefarious plans does Dr. Keller have in store for Amy? To be continued next issue!

Dr. Keller and the Center for Intuitive Studies reminds me of HRG and Primatech Paper (The Company) from Heroes. Dr. Keller and Mr. Raven have a Professor X/Magneto vibe that readers have seen play out in the X-Men universe. There are some hints about the origin of how these individuals got powers in the first place, but there isn’t a clear indication if it’s the truth or not as these events unfold in Amy’s dream (where the unnamed dream warrior woman makes an appearance).  Will Amy’s power of precognition save her from the dangers that are waiting for her just around the corner? Will Curt be able to save Amy before it’s too late?

Up Next – Amy Berg arrives at her new school determined to remain aloof and alone. But surrounded by classmates with powers and abilities that mirror her own, Amy begins to gather friends…and enemies.