RIP Telltale Games

Telltale Games, the studio that made video games into a choose your own adventure style experience, has announced that they are shutting down.


I am sad that people were suddenly laid off, and I hope they get scooped up elsewhere by other game studios that can make use of their talent. As someone who enjoys observing video games than being a firsthand player, I really loved playing Telltale games with my family as we discussed which response to pick and what action to take. I also loved the execution of small, personal stories set within a larger licensed setting. The Borderlands game, in particular, was a real highlight of this concept. But don’t get me started on Forester Ironwood from the Game of Thrones game. Or, oh god, the part of the Walking Dead game that forced you to personally sew Clementine’s arm back together.

Talk about your thoughts on this sudden closure and your memories and experiences of the games here.