The Best Album Cover Tournament: Final Four

Welcome, Avocados, to the fifth round of the BEST ALBUM COVER Tournament!  Thanks to everyone for their votes in the first four rounds!

The end is in sight, and there’s only been one big surprise this time…  The brackets are here, if you’re interested.

Notes from Last Round:

  • The most dramatic upset this time was Miles Davis – Bitches Brew (38) narrowly edging out The Beatles – Abbey Road (3) by 58 to 54.  Beatles backlash?
  • The least-popular loser was Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours (7) which got (unsurprisingly) clobbered by Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here (2), 70 to 38.
  • The most-popular loser was The Clash’s London Calling (24), which fell behind in the last wee hours to the number-one seed, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

Reminder: The actual quality of the album itself is irrelevant!  This is a contest about how great the cover itself is!  Vote for the ones you like!  Vote for both if you like both, or neither if you like neither!  I’m not your supervisor!

Voting on this round ends Monday Sept. 24 around 11:00am EDT!