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Job Rants Thread – 9/21/2018


Hey, all; Happy Friday.

As is so depressingly often the case in my place of work, things went ass-over-teakettle earlier in the week when we found ourselves short two employees, but were still expected to deal with the same number of clients, regardless. Short version: A lot of grumbles from all sides, and I had to basically disengage both my lower jaw and gag reflex to be able to eat my lunch on time.

It was a bad situation all around, but I can say there was at least one bright spot. Between cursing the company for its’ methods, the clients for having the gall to actually show up, and myself for being stupid enough to still be working there, a discussion topic germinated in the rage:

What was the most memorable workplace collapse you’ve ever been witnessed/been involved in, and how did you handle it? Note that I’m speaking or the job as a whole, not individually; that is what’s considered a “meltdown,” and it’s a topic for another week. And of course, any other ranting you need to get done, feel free to just let it out.


As always, best of luck getting through the rest of the day, have a good weekend, and a safe trip home. And remember: it’s 5 o’clock, somewhere.