The Best Album Cover Tournament: Elite Eight

Welcome, Avocados, to the fourth round of the BEST ALBUM COVER Tournament!  Thanks to everyone for their votes in the first three rounds!

Stuff is getting pretty lopsided now for the most part…  The brackets are here, if you’re interested.

Notes from Last Round:

  • The most dramatic upset this time was The Clash’s London Calling (24) thoroughly trouncing Nirvana’s Nevermind (8) by 69 to 28.
  • The least-popular loser was Prince’s Purple Rain (12) with a paltry 27 votes, which was buried by Led Zeppelin I (5) which garnered 71 votes.
  • The most-popular loser was David Bowie – Heroes (10) which was barely edged out by Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (7), which was also the least-popular winner, by eight votes (53 to 45).
  • The most-popular winner was, unsurprisingly, Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here (2) which sent Duran Duran’s Rio (15) packing, 75 to 28.

Reminder: The actual quality of the album itself is irrelevant!  This is a contest about how great the cover itself is!  Vote for the ones you like!  Vote for both if you like both, or neither if you like neither!  I’m not your supervisor!

Voting on this round ends Friday Sept. 21 around 11:00am EDT!