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Movie Discussion 9/18/2018

The second half of September is apparently where you drop your most insane movies that somehow inexplicably got made anyway. Some of the weirdness out now or soon:

  • Unbroken: Path to Redemption, a Pure Flix joint trying to position itself as a Jesus-y sequel to the 2014 Angelina Jolie-directed film despite none of the first film’s cast or crew returning. This one depicts Louis Zamperini’s post-war path to salvation. Billy Graham’s grandkid plays Billy Graham, if that gets your engines going.
  • Where Hands Touch, a historical romance between a Nazi and a biracial woman. I know Americans don’t agree on much these days , but thought we were all on the same page about never doing stories where Nazis and their victims fall in love! This one’s directed by Amma Asante, who also did the excellent Belle and the pretty good A United Kingdom (hmm, sensing a theme here), but this seems like a huge misfire.
  • Little Women gets yet another adaptation—the second of the year, after PBS’s in the spring. This one is a weird “modern retelling” where apparently we’re all supposed to be fine with Jo hooking up with her College instructor? I’ll probably watch it anyway, though.